The Super Bowl ad for the BMW iX electric crossover stars Arnold Schwarzenegger as the Greek god Zeus and Salma Hayek as the goddess Hera. The humorous commercial depicts the deities retiring and moving from Mount Olympus to Palm Springs, California.

Unfortunately, the modern world isn't a good fit for Zeus. While he enjoys laying by the pool, the Greek god struggles to use the microwave and light switches, which is odd for a diety that controls electricity.

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However, things get better when Hera shows up with a new BMW iX. Zeus loves the vehicle, and the couple enjoys the classic Eddy Grant song Electric Avenue while taking a drive. Also, keep an eye for the clever disclaimer at the bottom of the screen: "Immortal professional driver on closed course."

The ad ends with the couple singing along to the song. Zeus uses his ability to shoot electricity to turn all of the traffic lights green. Hera gives a knowing grin to the camera.

This 60-second commercial will play during the third ad break during the first quarter of the Super Bowl.

The iX is available in the UK as the xDrive40. This model uses a pair of electric motors to produce a total of 322 bhp (240 kilowatts) and 564 pound-feet (765 Newton-metres) of torque. It has a 71-kilowatt-hour battery pack. Prices start at £69,905.

The iX M60 is on the way as a more powerful choice in the model range. It makes 610 bhp (455 kW) and 811 lb-ft (1,100 Nm) in Sport mode with Launch Control activated or 532 bhp (397 kW) and 749 lb-ft (1,015 Nm) in the normal setting. The 111.5-kWh battery provides an estimated range of WLTP-estimated 352 miles.

Other features include a standard air suspension, electronically controlled shock absorbers, and rear-wheel steering. It also gets M Performance brakes with blue calipers.

The iX M60 goes on sale in the UK in June for a starting price of £111,905 OTR.