After seeing the Porsche 911 facelift testing in Turbo and Carrera guises (see the related links below), our spy photographers were lucky enough to also snap the Convertible model. It seems that the entire range of the sports car is currently in Northern Europe, where cold winter tests are performed to evaluate different aspects of the refreshed vehicles. 

This prototype doesn’t feature a lot of disguise, though you can clearly see Porsche is cooking up serious changes for the front fascia. The bumper will receive a new design with vertical slats in the air intakes. More importantly, there could be significant tweaks to the daytime running lights and turn signals judging by those temporary lights attached at the corners. 

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At the back, there’s some black camouflage covering the lower section of the bumper and the amount of snow attached to the rear fascia doesn’t help us either. However, it seems that the Stuttgart-based automaker will modify the diffuser integrated into the bumper and could also redesign the outlets of the engine cover. 

By far the most important news about the facelifted 911 family is still unconfirmed but word on the street is the base models will return to naturally aspirated power. Take this information with a grain of salt but we are starting to hear rumours about a version of Porsche’s 4.0-litre flat-six motor with a smaller displacement that could replace the current 3.0-litre twin-turbo unit. Unfortunately, our photographers are not able to confirm this information based on the engine sound of this prototype. 

We are eager to learn more about the facelifted 911 but it could take months before Porsche unveils its refreshed products. We've just begun to see facelifted 992 cars testing on public roads and it could take another 10 to 12 months until they are fully and officially revealed.