Just when you thought the world was safe from evil, General Motors plans to "bring it back for good." Exactly what that means, we honestly don't know. But we do know GM is pumping all kinds of double meaning into the teaser video posted above, featuring Dr. Evil himself.

That's about all we can tell you right now. GM just dropped the short video featuring a smiling (evil smiling) and laughing (evil laughing) Dr. Evil from the Austin Powers movie franchise, with a simple statement that Evil is back for good. The video concludes with a tagline of everybody in, where the letters ev are shaded in blue. For that matter, the video title on GM's YouTube page says Dr. EV-il is Back For Good. So it's not exactly a leap of faith to say GM has some kind of electric vehicle announcement in the works. Presumably, it won't involve a car with "frickin' laser beams" but hey, stranger things have happened.

The teaser also lists a date of February 13 for when all will be revealed. While there's no specific mention of the Super Bowl (or the Big Game, as advertisers say) in the teaser, it's extremely unlikely an automaker would have an announcement involving iconic characters from a popular film franchise and not have it connected to the game. For those not hip with the goings-on in the football world, Super Bowl LVI takes place on the 13th with the Los Angeles Rams facing the Cincinnati Bengals.

In addition to a teaser focusing on Dr. Evil, GM also shared a teaser featuring everyone's favourite quiet-voiced evil disciple, Frau Farbissina (played by the always hilarious Mindy Sterling).


GM isn't the only source of this teaser campaign. Rob Lowe shared an Instagram video on Sunday, featuring his Number Two character enjoying a robust evil laugh.


Nissan and Kia have Super Bowl commercials that will air during the game. Both full-length spots have already been revealed, with Nissan showcasing the Z sports car in the style of an action-packed blockbuster film. Kia goes straight to the heart with a robotic dog seeking a forever home with an EV6.