Could a Tesla Model S get hit by a train and continue driving? Sure, if it wasn't hit too hard, or it wasn't hit in specific areas. However, if a Tesla was completely run over by a fast-moving train, it's unlikely it would be operable following the collision, and its occupants would almost certainly perish.

As you can see from the tweet below, which was shared by our good friend Sean Mitchell – who's a proud owner of an older high-mileage Model S – it appears a Tesla Model S drives in front of a moving train. When the Tesla gets run over, it's a flat mock-up of the actual car. However, after the train passes by, it pops back up and drives off unscathed.


If you look very carefully at the video, which originally came from 2NCS on Instagram, it seems pretty clear that it's a real Model S approaching the railroad tracks. Once it's flattened beneath the train, you may assume that it was a "cardboard cutout" all along, and perhaps you just weren't looking closely enough.

That said, it not only has moving wheels, which could easily be built into the cutout, but it also appears to be way too three-dimensional to just be a photo attached to some boards. This is also the case as the boards pop back up and a "real car" drives away.


This is obviously a case of successful editing, and there are many other videos like it on the Instagram account. While it's clearly a joke, it goes to show that you probably shouldn't believe everything you see on social media, since editors could easily post something like this – minus the cutout – under the guise that it's real.

There are many other similarly fake videos out there that are produced in hopes that people will think they're real. Sadly, there's so much misinformation and manipulation these days on social media, and there are way too many people who see it and believe it.

Fortunately, the maker of this video made it clear that it's not real since the flat cutout is a dead giveaway. However, a good editor could just as easily create and post similar videos that appear to be much more real, and never let on that the video has been manipulated.