How to get YouTube clicks in the quickest way possible? By destroying expensive cars. Just ask the expert – Russian vlogger Mihail Litvin. If his name doesn't ring a bell, he intentionally burned down his AMG GT 63 S in October 2020 out of frustration. The high-performance liftback kept breaking down and Mercedes failed to repair it, so "naturally," he decided to just get rid of it.

About a year ago, he smashed through the windows of a Porsche dealership in a Taycan Turbo S after allegedly mixing up the pedals. That seemed staged, but his new video seems to be a disappointing reality of how some people choose destruction to go viral on the social media platform. This time around, the victim was an innocent BMW M5 Competition with the facelift.

Mind you, this wasn't even his car as it belonged to one of his friends. Nevertheless, he had no issues with pouring petrol all over the German luxury saloon and setting it on fire by shooting a flaming arrow. No explanation has been given about why he did it, but local media believes it's related to a tragic incident involving another friend.

In November 2021, vlogger Said Gubdenskii died while behind the wheel of a BMW M4 Competition. He lost control of the car on a street in central Moscow and collided with a Mercedes GL before hitting a Volvo XC90 head-on. He died before the ambulance arrived, while the front passenger succumbed later at the hospital.

Apparently, the latest video in which Mihail Litvin deliberately destroys the M5 Competition LCI was done to commemorate the loss of his friend. Any sane person would say the car should've been sold and the proceeds given to the mourning family. It's also a slap in the face to BMW and all the engineering that went into developing a four-door supercar.