The last Gran Turismo instalment landed on the PlayStation 4 in 2017. It’s been a long five years, but next month, Gran Turismo 7 will land not only on the PS4 but it will also land on the new PlayStation 5 that looks to bring a massive boost to the game’s already stunning visuals. Sony Interactive Entertainment showcased the game in its recent State of Play event, going deep into its features and systems in the 30-minute video above.

The game is stocked with over 400 cars and 34 locations with more than 90 different track layouts, but Gran Turismo 7 will offer so much more. Racing is a core part of the game, but so is car culture. A new Café location in the game brings automotive history and design to the forefront while offering curated car collections you can earn by completing specific challenges.

Gallery: Gran Turismo 7 State of Play Event

Gran Turismo 7 also arrives with two new modes – Music Rally and Music Replay. Music Replay slices and dices your racing videos into new and interesting cuts based on the music, offering up different edits, camera angles, and movements based on the beat. That playfulness bleeds over into Music Rally where drivers will have to drive in a way that matches the beat of the music.

Tuning is back with a wide range of goodies, including performance upgrades and aerodynamic parts, like wings and widebody kits. Other upgrades shown in the video that we’re excited to check out include a racing silencer, a brake balance controller, a racing exhaust manifold, and a torque-vectoring centre differential. The game will offer new cars from over 50 manufacturers and a used car dealership where players can buy models at a discount or premium.

Sony’s State of Play video only scratches the surface of what Gran Turismo 7 has to offer. There are important underlying systems that work together to simulate the real-world racing experience, and that attention to detail goes far beyond the racing mechanics, using detailed data for the weather effects, the night sky, and more.

Sony says players will experience a lot of what Gran Turismo 7 has to offer in just the first few hours of gameplay. The game arrives for the two PlayStation consoles on March 4.