Track days are never to be taken lightly. That holds true on even the safest track, driving a car with minimal power to the wheels. Willow Springs Raceway can be challenging, and a C7 Corvette Z06 is far from being minimally powered. Still, let this video be a reminder that trouble can strike when you least expect it.

The video showcases a recent trip to Willow Springs in a yellow Z06. Presumably, Steve is the owner and driver of this 'Vette as the video is called Steve's Z06 Corvette at Willow Spring Raceway. The action begins with Steve and a passenger leaving the pits after setting up the Corvette's Performance Data Recorder (PDR). The passenger is recording the action, and then the video switches to the PDR showing the Corvette navigating through turn one with an exit speed of around 67 mph.

The problem comes not on the corner exit, or turn two. On the short straight, we see the car accelerating then suddenly the back end steps out around 80 mph. A quick fishtail to the left is overcorrected, sending the car skidding off the right side of the track into a sizeable berm, rolling at least twice from what we can see. The video then cuts to the passenger's footage, which shows us the driver was actually taking it quite easy through the turn and straight. The way the back end steps out makes us wonder if a tyre lost pressure, or if there was something slick on the track.

That's the brutal portion of the video, as we hear the sickening crunch of glass and fiberglass as the car rolls. A groan from someone gives us pause for concern, but it's soon followed up by a confirmation that everyone is okay. With another jump cut to the pits, the man who we assume is Steve summed up the crash in a very simple sentence: "Too much power, not enough grip."

In stock trim, the C7 Z06 produces 650 bhp (485 kilowatts) so even without modification, it can be quite a handful. We don't know how long Steve had the car (the Hertz sales sticker in the window has us a bit worried) but we're obviously glad everyone walked away without injury.

Whether having fun on the track or cruising on the street, stay safe everyone.