The Hyundai Kona debuted in late 2017, and it helped expand the company’s lineup of crossovers. It got a redesign for 2021, but Hyundai is already looking at what comes next. Our spy photographers have caught the next-generation Kona out testing for the first time, and the crossover seems to have some significant changes over the outgoing model.

The crossover is heavily covered in camouflage and distorting cladding, but the coverings can’t hide how it looks larger than the model it will replace. However, while the crossover might grow in size, it doesn’t look like it will drastically change the design fundamentals.

Gallery: Next-Gen Hyundai Kona Spy Shots

The new Kona looks to keep the current car’s split-headlight design, though it might get vertical lower lamps, following the trend on other Hyundai models like the Palisade and Tucson. The rest of the crossover's styling changes are a mystery.

It’s too early to speculate about the powertrains, but the model caught in the spy shots runs on petrol. We expect the company to continue offering the crossover with a variety of powertrains, including electrified ones. Early rumours also suggest the N Line will continue to the next generation, which might mean we’ll see a full-blown N variant in the future, too.

The photos also provide a glance at the interior, which reveals a digital instrument cluster and not much else. Hyundai thoroughly covered the interior, but it appears there is a pair of screens on the dash sitting right next to each other.

The next-gen Kona is likely in the early stages of development, but we do expect the redesigned crossover to debut sometime next year before going on sale in the US as a 2024 model. There are rumours that the new Kona could replace the i30 family in Europe as crossovers continue to remain popular with customers worldwide.