In the sea of electric vehicles, SUVs and crossovers are becoming increasingly popular. This has prompted automakers to add more high-riders into their lineups. Case in point, Tesla has two crossovers in the range – the Model X and Model Y.

In fact, the latter have become so popular, its estimated sales allowed it to enter the 20 best-selling cars in the US in 2021 if it becomes official.

But how does one of these two Teslas compare against its European rivals in terms of straight-line performance? That's what this latest drag race from carwow aims to find out, pitting the BMW iX, Audi E-Tron Sportback, and Mercedes EQC against the Tesla Model X.

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By numbers alone, the matchup is a bit of a mixed bag. In terms of overall output, the Tesla Model X is the most powerful of the bunch with 534 horsepower (398 kilowatts). The Mercedes EQC is the least powerful at 402 hp (300 kW).

Torque, on the other hand, goes to the Audi E-Tron Sportback with its 715 pound-feet (970 Newton-meters) of available torque. The Model X has the least pulling power at 557 lb-ft (755 Nm).

Finally, weight is a huge consideration for this drag race despite all of these cars being porky. The Mercedes EQC is the lightest SUV at the line, tipping the scales at 5,335 pounds (2,420 kilograms. The Audi E-Tron Sportback is the heftiest at 5,776 lbs (2,620 kgs).

All of these electric SUVs run on two motors and on all four wheels. Given the numbers mentioned above, which do you think crossed the finish line first? Watch the video atop this page and let us know what you think.