Slot Mods Raceways is known for its handcrafted wooden slot car raceways on a 1:32 scale. They're pretty cool to own if you have the means, but the company's latest creation is something that nobody else could have.

Built for a private collection, Slot Mods Raceways took two years to create a working scale model of Fiat's world-famous Lingotto factory. To whomever this cool masterpiece was made for sure is a huge Fiat fan.


For the uninitiated, Fiat once had a huge factory in Lingotto, Italy way before the Stellantis era. The structure opened in 1923 and back then, it was the biggest automotive plant in Europe and the first Fiat factory to use assembly lines.

Lauded for its unusual construction, the factory had five floors. Raw materials entered the ground floor, then the car assembly line went up all the way to the top floor. Finished cars came out on the rooftop where a test track was waiting. It was an architectural marvel, so much so that Le Corbusier called it "one of the most impressive sights in industry."

This is the very essence captured by Slot Mods Raceways in its latest creation. You may view a few clips of the working scale model through the embedded social media posts above. As you can see, bespoke Fiat 500 scale models run through the roof, which makes this scale model even more awesome.

Unfortunately, Fiat had to close down the Lingotto factory in the 1980s. After an architectural competition, the factory was rebuilt to the specifications of the winner. The old factory became a modern complex with concert halls, a theatre, a convention centre, shopping arcades, and a hotel.

Thankfully, the rooftop test track has been retained and is still open to visitors.

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