The Morgan 3 Wheeler is one of the more unique automobiles ever made. It has an iconic, open-cockpit design and, erm, just three wheels. What’s cooler than that? Production ended last year for the fun-sized runabout, but Morgan promised a successor, which the company announced today that it would debut next month, on February 24. 

Morgan has been quite quiet about the new 3 Wheeler, and details remain thin. However, the company did announce that the new model will have a Ford-sourced three-cylinder engine powering it. This continues its use of Ford engines in its products, though the company didn’t get specific.

Gallery: New Morgan 3 Wheeler

The company didn’t say which Ford three-cylinder it would use, but the Blue Oval offers three. We’d like to see the 1.5-litre EcoBoost from the Fiesta ST powering the new Morgan. The engine makes 197 bhp (146 kilowatts) and 236 pound-feet (320 Newton-metres) of torque, which could be quite a bit in the small Morgan. Ford also offers a 1.1-litre and a 1.0-litre three-cylinder, so anything is possible.

Morgan is touting the new 3 Wheeler as the company’s “first clean-sheet visual design” since the Morgan Aero 8 that launched in 2000. The company has been focusing on the design, teasing some of the ideas that could be present in the final product. One thing Morgan is emphasising with its new 3 Wheeler is personalisation. The teaser Morgan accompanying the debut announcement shows a trio of 3 Wheelers that Morgan says exemplify its newfound focus on customisation and accessories. It’s hard to tell, but they appear to have different headlights. 

When Morgan unveils the new 3 Wheeler next month, it will show several customised models that showcase some of the various options the company will offer. This will be the company’s most configurable model ever, but Morgan wants us to wait for the debut to learn all the details.