Porsche has two major goals with the Mission R Concept that debuted in September 2021. On the one hand, this compact all-electric supercar is a preview of the next-generation Cayman EV.

While we doubt the production car will pack 1,073 bhp from a dual-motor AWD powertrain like the concept, it could borrow a lot of the Mission R’s styling and technical solutions. 

On the other hand, Porsche says the Mission R hints at a possible electric future for its racing programme, and as Top Gear’s Ollie Marriage found out while driving it on a track, there’s nothing to worry about regarding Porsche’s race cars going all-electric; quite the opposite: there's a lot to look forward to.

The electric race car study also packs many innovations that haven’t yet found their way onto Porsche’s road cars, so one could think of it as a testbed in that regard.

For example, unlike the Taycan’s 800-volt electrical architecture, the Mission R runs on 900 volts—just like the 919 Hybrid LMP1 endurance racer. The 900-volt layout is not by chance because both the Mission R and the 919 Hybrid have been developed by Porsche Motorsport.

Gallery: Porsche Mission R concept

Interestingly, Porsche plans for the Mission R to offer the same performance as a 911 GT3 Cup car—not just lap times, but also endurance. More specifically, the electric racer is designed to race flat out for 30 to 40 minutes and a key technology enabling that is the regenerative braking system.

It can regenerate energy at 800 kW, which means it can get power back into the batteries nearly as as quick as it can send it out. 

Speaking of the batteries, the pack is not placed in the floor as in most skateboard applications nowadays because that would have ruined the car’s driving position and looks. Instead, Porsche has placed the 250-kg (551-lb) chest battery with an 80 kWh capacity behind the seats, likely giving the Mission R a similar weight distribution to the mid-engined Cayman.

The Mission R is a fascinating car not only for Porsche enthusiasts but also for those who are rooting for EVs to succeed. With the same power-to-weight ratio as a Bugatti Chiron, this small electric racer is an absolute hoot to drive and the sound it makes as it accelerates out of corners isn’t half bad either. Watch the full video above, it's totally worth 10 minutes of your time.