What should have been an easy Sunday afternoon drive turned out otherwise in Ohio USA. A snow plow was seen shooting slush onto the opposite lane of the Ohio Turnpike, causing crashes and massive damages to unsuspecting cars.

Reports say that over 40 vehicles were damaged by the ordeal.

In a video posted over on Reddit (embedded below), the snow plow was seen running at the same speed as other vehicles while clearing its side of the road – all while hurling loads of debris onto the oncoming lane.


According to a report by Cleveland News, the incident happened at around 1:46 pm (local time) near milepost 114. There were at least 12 people who were taken to the hospital for non-life-threatening injuries, Highway Patrol spokesman Ray Santiago said.

A video by MLive on YouTube shows the damages on the affected vehicles. Some have cracked windscreens, while others sustained damages by hitting other motorists and the guard rails. We've embedded that video atop this page.

Ohio Turnpike and Infrastructure Commission spokesman Charles Cyrill said that the snow plow driver has been with the Ohio Turnpike since December 2015. He was immediately sent for mandatory alcohol and drug testing after the incident, and is now on administrative leave while the investigation is ongoing.

Cyrill noted that snow plow drivers were provided with extensive training and equipment to perform their duties. This is just an isolated incident involving a single operator, Cyrill added.

"The Ohio Turnpike is one of the safest highways in the nation and is especially known for its ability to meet the demands of the most severe weather events," Cyrill said.

Each person affected by the incident is being contacted by the commission through the Ohio State Highway Patrol. They can also file for a property damage claim with the Ohio Turnpike.