A new power-up for Tesla Supercharging in North America is coming soon, according to the latest rumours.

Sawyer Merritt, who often posts a lot of Tesla-related info, reports that the V3 Superchargers will get an increase in peak power from 250 kW currently to 324 kW. That's about 30% more and closer to the CCS chargers, which are usually advertised as ready for up to 350 kW (at 800 V).

"BREAKING: Tesla Superchargers in North America to get charging speed bump to 324kW (from 250kW) later this year."

Further info specifies that the power increase will concern only the V3 Superchargers and that the next thing will be V4 Superchargers that "will come soon after."

That's quite interesting. We don't know details about V4, but as we understand, a new version is supposed to bring even more power.


Tesla's CEO Elon Musk announced in June 2021 that the Supercharging power output would further increase, mentioning a few example levels of 280 kW, 300 kW and 350 kW. In July, he repeated, "Supercharger network is being upgraded to 250kW to 300kW, so that will help too." We did not hear more about it since then.

However, we are interested more in the voltage (whether it will natively support 800+ V battery systems) rather than just a power increase.

Currently, Tesla vehicles are equipped with a 400 V battery system, which means that any info about V4 Superchargers with higher voltage would indicate directly that higher voltage Tesla cars are coming too.

Tesla Superchargers peak output:

It's also not clear how the rumoured upgrades to the Tesla Superchargers relate to the Tesla Megachargers - currently installed at Giga Nevada and at Frito-Lay’s facility in Modesto, California.