Tesla unveiled the Cybertruck, its angular all-electric pickup, over two years ago, and we could still be waiting for it to arrive by the end of the year. However, in a series of social media posts and videos, it looks like Tesla is making development progress. They capture a Cybertruck prototype arriving at the company’s Giga Austin factory in Texas.

The Cybertruck “Alpha” prototypes running around look different than what Tesla unveiled in 2019, and we can see some of those differences in the videos. The truck wears unpainted side mirrors, something we thought would arrive on the truck for it to comply with regulations.


The truck also has a long, single windscreen wiper blade positioned along the A-pillar. The truck also looks a tad smaller than what we’ve seen before, and it lacks door handles, flush or otherwise.


The Cybertruck has had quite the journey to where it is now. The company has had to delay it on more than one occasion, and it’s still up in the air if it will arrive this year. It should certainly debut, but production could be pushed into 2023. However, tight-lipped Tesla has announced anything official. The company is known for struggling to meet its self-imposed deadlines. It was originally scheduled to arrive in late 2021.

We should learn more about the state of the Cybertruck this Wednesday during the company’s next earnings call. We hope to get the latest details on the Cybertruck while looking for news nuggets about its future products and plans. Tesla has been working to refine the truck’s design since the company introduced it, so we expect some changes made inside and out. Tesla certainly wowed with its Cybertruck concept debut, but we’re excited to see how that translates into a production product, and it doesn’t look like Tesla changed much.