We went from having only vague information about the next-gen Ford Mustang to seeing it three times in just a week. The latest shots catch it on public roads. This time, there's even a zoomed photo that provides a glimpse of the interior.

Like the other one we saw on the road, this Mustang wears the license plate "016 667," and the camouflage is the same, too. These signs point to the spy shots catching the same car's development.

Gallery: Ford Mustang GT On-Road Spy Shots

Ford's camouflage covers a lot of the Mustang's body, but you can still get a good grasp of the vehicle's proportions. The front end looks even longer than on the current model, and the proportions make the roof seem lower. There are fake panels under the camo in the back to conceal the shape, but judging by the rest of the design, it seems safe to expect flowing rear glass.

Our spies note something interesting about the back. There are apparently four exhaust outlets (two on each side) that collect into the dual-pipe setup that's on the Mustang for testing.

Unfortunately, the zoomed photo inside the cabin doesn't show much because the engineers cover everything in black fabric. This car is using a steering wheel out of a Mustang Bullitt, but that's probably just the team pulling something out of the parts bin, rather than what is actually going to the car.

Judging by the Mustang's sound in a video, it seems like a V8 engine is still under the bonnet. There are also lots of rumours about a hybrid version being available that would power the front wheels with an electric motor, creating the first all-wheel-drive Mustang from the factory.

Look for the new Mustang to arrive for the 2024 model year. This means that a public debut could happen as soon as late 2022. However, we'd bet an unveiling in 2023 is more likely. Expect to see a lot more spy shots before the premiere.