The automotive industry is slowly but steadily moving towards electric power. For some automakers, the transition will happen faster than others, which will become fully electrified "at the last possible moment."

The motorhome or recreational vehicle (RV) business, though, seems to be lagging behind the passenger cars sector. However, just a few days ago, Winnebago unveiled its 125-mile electric Ford Transit-based RV, and today we are happy to share something very different with you.

Meet the Airstream eStream Concept - Thor’s first electrified trailer caravan, which, for now, is just a one-off prototype but surely looks like something to be excited for in the near future. Sure, this is not the first electrified caravan we've seen, but this one looks fully integrated and smartly built. Unfortunately, we don’t know whether Thor has plans for production, though seeing how production-ready this concept looks, we hope it will come to the market sooner rather than later.

Gallery: Airstream EStream electric camper concept

The EStream concept is built on top of Thor’s own electrified architecture and features a battery-powered electric drivetrain that can support the towing vehicle. It can help either a combustion-powered vehicle or an electric vehicle and reduce its fuel or energy consumption. Simply put, it’s a towable electric caravan that can be powered by its own electric drivetrain.

While supporting the towing vehicle is smart and everything, we are more impressed by the concept’s capability to be remotely parked without the tow vehicle being involved. This eliminates the need to back into a campsite and makes it easier to manoeuvre around the place you want to spend the night at. 

Wait, that’s not everything. The battery pack installed in the trailer’s floor also provides electric energy for the days and nights off the grid. The battery charge and energy flows can be monitored via a mobile application, which also gives advice for the nearest and most convenient charging stations.