Tuners love the Toyota Supra. That goes for older generations as well as the current A90, which is the focus of this particular makeover. Zacoe Performance offers interesting body kits for a range of high-end vehicles, but there's no polite way to say it. The latest Supra package makes this Toyota look like a shark.

Admittedly, that interpretation could be partly due to the greenish-grey colour Zacoe Performance picked for its Supra presentation. The three prominent vents on each side of the car are also a factor, as they absolutely look like gills on a great white shark. And then there's Zacoe's announcement of the Supra body kit, which literally starts with the phrase Land shark alert! Clearly, Zacoe is totally on-board with the shark motif.

As for the upgrades, this widebody kit adds carbon-fibre components all around the car. Zacoe doesn't say how much wider it is compared to stock, but wings/fenders and quarter panels are swapped for aggressively flared haunches. A three-piece front clip with a motorsport theme blends into the wings/fenders, along with a complex bonnet that features air extractors in the middle. The bonnet is also where the shark gills are located, and with it unpainted there's no missing its carbon-fibre structure.

Gallery: ZACOE Toyota Supra widebody

Connecting the widened wheel arches front-to-rear are side curtains that give the Supra a lowered appearance. Mechanical upgrades to the suspension aren't mentioned so it's unclear if the car is actually lower, but there's no denying the aggressive stance resulting from this body kit. At the back, a squared rear fascia with a diffuser down low and a big wing up top completes the package.

Zacoe Performance doesn't list pricing or specific availability for its shark-themed Supra body kit. However, the company is happy to field requests through its website, available at the source link below.