The Nissan Z isn't exactly pricey, but it still cost around $40,000 (approx. £30,000) in the US. If that sounds too much or if the waiting game isn't cutting out for you, there's a new collection of Citizen watches that might pique your interest.

For the first time, Citizen collaborates with Nissan Z to create a set of special edition watches inspired by the "thrill and exhilaration of one of Japan’s best-known sports cars." The Japanese/Swiss watchmaker claims that each of the atomic timepieces carries the design of the Nissan Z – or Fairlady Z in Japan – infused with Citizen's world-class technologies.

Citizen Nissan Fairlady Z Timepieces
Citizen Nissan Fairlady Z Timepieces

The Citizen Nissan Fairlady Z comes in two models with distinct design elements. The AT8185-89E features accents in the Nissan Z Ikazuchi Yellow body colour, contrasting with the all-black case, band, dial, hands, and indexes. Ikazuchi, which translates to thunderbolt, is the main theme here. The dial comes with the same yellow dots found on the seats of the Nissan Z Proto.

On the other hand, the AT8185-97E model features accents in Seiran Blue colour. This strikes a contrast against the matte black on the centre of the dial that looks like smooth asphalt. The hands are finished in silver for an understated look.

Both watches are powered by Citizen's light-powered Eco-Drive RadioControlled technology, which eliminates the need for a battery. The watches also automatically receive local time signals in four different regions: Japan, China, the United States, and Europe.

Both models come with a red second hand (like the hand of a tachometer), plus a Fairlady Z logo rests on the dial, a Nissan logo at the back, and a "Z" mark on the crown – all to signify the collaboration between the two companies. Both also come with Citizen's lightweight SuperTitanium case and band with enhanced scratch resistance.

The Citizen Nissan Fairlady Z limited edition timepiece sells for $2,495 (approx. £1,830 at the current exchange rate) apiece, limited to just 1,700 units worldwide. Citizen is already accepting pre-orders for the watch, with deliveries expected to begin by March 14, 2022.