As one of the exotic automakers that offer many customisation options, Aston Martin is launching a new upgrade for the Vantage to answer the needs of its customers. The Gaydon-based manufacturer will change the grille of your older Vantage, built before 2021, with the newly-designed grille that’s available from October last year.

This is now possible through Aston Martin Works, the firm’s heritage service and restoration facility that’s located in the United Kingdom.

Here’s the idea. Aston Martin will swap out the old Hunter-style grille and replace it with the newer Vane grille, which is available from late 2021 onwards. Simply put, if you bought a Vantage before the new grille was available but want the new, slightly more restrained look, the automaker will offer you the new grille as a replacement option.

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You’ll probably be glad to hear you won’t need to send your car to the UK for the conversion. Aston Martin confirmed to Road and Track every American dealer of the brand will be also authorised to do the swap, which also includes a new bumper cover and splitter. There’s no pricing available, largely because it depends on the exterior colour of the car. Also, labour and paint costs can vary depending on location.


The new grille that replaced the polarising Hunter grille was designed as an answer to "feedback from customers in some markets." Not only the critics had mixed feelings about the old front fascia, but also the clients. "They preferred a softer, more refined, or more traditional front-end choice that closer resembled what one might find on the DB11, in comparison to the standard, more aggressive, muscular Vantage design," Aston Martin explained.

The next big thing for the Vantage is the upcoming introduction of a V12 engine. Before going fully electric, the Vantage will receive one final flagship version, likely coming later this year.