Sometimes, automakers get pretty elaborate when it comes to names for special edition cars. You won't find that kind of pretense with the new Morgan Plus Four LM62. It's a familiar machine with a familiar shape and power, but adorned with some classy aesthetic touches that pay homage to the 1962 24 Hours of Le Mans. Hence the name LM62.

What was special about the 1962 running of the infamous endurance race? You might be familiar with Ferrari taking the top three positions, but stepping further down the list of winners, you'll find Morgan winning its 2.0-litre category against better-funded teams with more powerful cars. Drivers Christopher Lawrence and Richard Shepherd-Baron ultimately beat 17 other entries, covering over 2,255 miles at an average speed of 93 mph. The vehicle? Why, it was a Plus 4, of course.

Gallery: Morgan Plus Four LM62

To honour the 60th anniversary of that occasion, the modern Plus Four (spelled out instead of a numeral) LM62 gains a special graphics package that prominently features the Le Mans-winning no. 29 roundel on the sides and the bonnet. It also rides on silver-painted wire wheels with optional spinners, and at the rear, you'll find a LeMans-style fuel cap. It's available in either Morgan Tertre Rouge or Morgan Jet Green, though both shades are complemented with a Heritage White hardtop. And of course there is special badging on the outside.

For that matter, you'll find special badging on the inside, too. The door pulls have LM62 laser-engraved into them. The seats get embroidered headrests; wood trim is found on the dashboard and console, and each car gets a numbered plaque identifying its production number in the limited-run series. How many LM62s will be built? That would be 62, for reasons that should be plainly obvious.

There's no mention of performance upgrades, though the Morgan Plus Four LM62 does get the company's active exhaust system. In standard trim, the Plus Four uses a BMW-sourced 2.0-litre turbocharged four-cylinder engine making 255 bhp (190 kilowatts), which is enough to send the small sports car to 60 mph in under five seconds.

The Morgan Plus Four LM62 is on sale now, with prices starting at £78,995 in the UK.