The term overlanding has been around for over a century. By definition, it usually involves an off-road vehicle that serves as the living quarters for those who travel in it. But for the last couple of years, we've seen more off-road rig builds with that purpose in mind. Some automakers are even cashing in on it as well.

Overlanding rigs come in all shapes and sizes. From subcompact SUVs to repurposed ambulances, almost anything can be turned into an overland vehicle. Case in point, check out this retired military truck now converted into an off-road adventure vehicle. It started as a MAN M1078A1, but it has the features and furnishings one expects from an overland vehicle.

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From the driver's point of view, it looks like a utilitarian truck. After all, its past life was a workhouse and not a hotel room that goes off-road. That said, this rig has a power-adjustable Recaro seat for the driver, and it even has lumbar supports and adjustments to make it more comfortable. As for the exterior, it wouldn't look out of place in the Dakar Rally. The sand brown colour, decals, rollbars, and driving lights make it look the part.

Moving to the living quarters, the first thing that will greet you is the kitchen. The sink, microwave, and refrigerator are in view as soon as you step inside. Right across the kitchen is the bathroom, and yes, there is a heater included. Meanwhile, the bed is good enough for two people, and the whole thing is air-conditioned. Keeping all its electricals running is a Honda generator, a Tesla battery pack, and an inverter.

As it is an overland vehicle, it has four-wheel drive, chunky tyres, and a good helping of ground clearance. Fox dampers also aid progress off-road, and a six-cylinder turbodiesel gets the whole rig moving. A 500-litre fuel tank should keep it running for a long time.

This truck is currently for sale in the Netherlands at Markatplaats. It can be yours for 95,000 euros (approx. £80,000 at current exchange rates).