Odds are good that, if you read Motor1.com, you probably know a fair bit about the Nürburgring. Thanks to the multitude of racing games that feature the track, one can be surprisingly familiar with the layout without ever seeing it in person. Still, a live-action journey around the Nordschleife is something special, and this video offers a special perspective of arguably the most famous track in the world.

We've seen all sorts of in-car video from the 'Ring, but such footage usually involves a bundled-up race car frantically trying to set a lap record. L'argus on YouTube shared this experience through a camera on the passenger side of the narrow Caterham Seven cockpit, creating a proper in-car experience. Circumventing the 12.9-mile loop in an elemental open-air vehicle offers sights and sounds not usually seen on video, and the lap is a nice mix of speed without being too rushed.

Speaking of the vehicle, this is a Caterham Seven 485 R, featuring a 2.0-litre engine developing 237 bhp channelled to the rear wheels through a six-speed manual transmission. There is no roof, no doors, and as such, almost no mass – the 485 R weighs approximately 590 kilograms (1,300 pounds), giving it an insane power-to-weight ratio. If you want a taste of what that means, watch and listen as this driver slices through the demanding back half of the Green Hell after Karussell. Very little momentum is lost between the endless corners.

This isn't an official timed lap, and with this being an open track session, cars enter and exit the course after each circuit. Traffic is also present, requiring the Caterham driver to slow on a few occasions. Still, the driver manages an unofficial bridge-to-gantry time of around eight minutes. That's a properly impressive time, and it's captured in this equally impressive video for the world to enjoy.