The year 2021 was pretty challenging for Jaguar, which noted a 15.8% decrease in global car sales to 86,270, including almost a 49% decrease in Q4 to 14,407. The company blames mostly the semiconductor shortages, adding that demand remains strong.

We are the most interested in the Jaguar I-PACE sales results. Unfortunately, the all-electric Jaguar also is in the red.

During the fourth quarter, the company sold 2,558 units (down 67% year-over-year, although a year ago the results were probably inflated by the emission requirements and run to register as many cars as possible). That's almost 18% of Jaguar's total volume.

Overall, this year Jaguar I-PACE was pretty flat, between 2,230 and 2,650 sales per quarter.

Jaguar I-PACE sales – Q4 2021


In 2021, Jaguar sold 9,970 I-PACE. That's the worst result since its launch and 39% lower than in 2020. The average BEV share out of Jaguar's total volume was 11.6% (compared to over 16% in 2019 and 2020).

Jaguar I-PACE sales:

  • 2018: 6,893
  • 2019: 17,355
  • 2020: 16,457
  • 2021: 9,970

Cumulatively, more than 50,000 Jaguar I-PACE were sold globally, which is a decent result. On the other hand, the Jaguar I-PACE was expected - during the launch a few years ago - to sell at a much higher volume.


Jaguar Land Rover results

Jaguar Land Rover (part of Tata) reports a decline of sales in 2021 by 1.2% year-over-year to 420,856, which is associated with weak Jaguar results (Land Rover was up).

  • Jaguar Land Rover: 420,856 (down 1.2%)
  • Jaguar: 86,270 (down 15.8%)
  • Land Rover: 334,586 (up 3.4%)

Unfortunately, the manufacturer does not report its total plug-in car sales, despite having plenty of plug-in hybrid models.

Only time will tell whether Jaguar Land Rover will be able to rebound and how its electrification will progress.

As far as 2021 is considered, the company was forced to join Tesla's CO2 pooling in the European Union to avoid fines. It means that the pace of electrification was not high enough.

Jaguar Land Rover sales in 2021: