We are probably in the minority here but we have to say it out loud - we love MPVs. Well, probably not every editor at Motor1.com likes them as much as I do, but the overall consensus is that those family haulers are more practical vehicles than the trendy crossovers and SUVs. The market doesn’t agree with that, obviously, as there are just a few available MPVs these days versus tens of high-riding utilities.

Volvo is among the brands that have a very solid SUV range. The Swedish automaker is determined to keep the saloons and estates alive, though it has never designed a production MPV so far. Our friends and colleagues at Kolesa.ru are fixing this with their latest digital design exercise, depicting a Volvo MPV.

Gallery: Volvo minivan rendering

We have to admit, this virtual car doesn’t look like a traditional MPV at a glance. It is more of an estate with a higher roof, though the sliding rear doors are a classic MPV touch. The front end is inspired by Volvo’s current model range and features headlights with T-shaped LED daytime running lights. Except for the rear bumper, the rear end seems to be a completely new design with interesting L-shaped taillights.

The closest thing to this rendering that actually exists probably is the Volvo Concept Recharge. It was unveiled last summer to preview the brand’s fully-electric plans as the next step in the company’s electrification strategy. There are some resemblances in the shape of the two vehicles, though, obviously, the concept has sharper lines and a more futuristic overall appearance.

Needless to say, there are close to zero chances of seeing a production Volvo MPV in the near future. The Swedish brand remains committed to the crossover and SUV segment, but fortunately, it will keep the traditional saloon and estate body styles alive for the years to come.