Just yesterday, Tesla took the cover off of a tweaked version of the refreshed Model S in Taiwan. Arguably the most important new feature is the CCS2 charging port for global markets.

Drive Tesla Canada published an article ahead of the unveiling stating that it was set to happen soon. The publication noted that both the refreshed Model S and Model X would be unveiled in Taiwan for the first global debut of the newly updated flagship electric vehicles.

The initial information came from an invitation to attend a private viewing of the cars at Tesla's headquarters in Taiwan. It was shared on Twitter by Michael Hsu (@hschumacher), but has since been deleted. However, at this point, it doesn't matter since the event already happened. Moreover, Sawyer Merritt tweeted out images and information related to the unveiling.


In addition to the new CCS2 charge port, the Model S and Model X get new adaptive headlights with matrix LED. The rear end is also tweaked and there are new taillights as well. What's more, Merritt says to expect these changes in the US soon, though he doesn't elaborate on exactly when or what changes he's specifically referring to.

According to Drive Tesla Canada, the door for the charge port uses the same parts used in the Model 3 and Model Y, though the door is designed in an inverted fashion to match the lines on the flagship EVs.

If you don't spend a lot of time staring at the new Model S or Model X, you may not notice much difference. In fact, new Model S owner Jetta Jones asked Merritt, "What am I missing??"


Merritt clarified that the new Model S, and presumably the Model X, has the "same matrix LED headlights" used on the Model 3 and Model Y Performance.

*Note: The lead image is not the updated version shown in Taiwan. Tesla hasn't yet published usable images of the newly revealed version.