You would be forgiven for thinking this will be Skoda's first attempt at coupe-ifying an SUV, but the Kodiaq GT and Kamiq GT have been available in China for several years. One would argue this body style defeats the purpose of buying a vehicle from the Mladá Boleslav brand, known for its hugely practical cars. That sloping roofline might look nice, but it will certainly eat into rear headroom.

Not only that, but the "coupe" version of the Enyaq will decrease cargo capacity by 15 litres, although that won't be the end of the world since you'll still have 570 litres at your disposal. Ahead of its January 31 world premiere, the sleeker derivative is being previewed yet again in a design sketch, next to what seems to be a swoopy 1930s Popular Monte Carlo.

Gallery: Skoda Teases Enyaq Coupe iV Teasers

While the conventionally styled Enyaq has a drag coefficient of 0.247, the coupe will lower the Cd to 0.234 and that should translate into slightly more range. It may carry the "Coupe" word in its official name, but the SUV is actually going to be one millimetre taller than the regular model. It’ll also be 4 mm longer and will share the illuminated grille with the standard version.

As previously announced, the Skoda Enyaq Coupe iV will be offered with 177 bhp, 201 bhp, and 261 bhp, along with a choice between either a 62- or 82-kWh battery pack. We are also expecting an RS variant to arrive further down the line and roughly match the VW ID.5 GTX and its 300-bhp output. The cheaper trim levels will make do with rear-wheel drive and a single electric motor while the more powerful ones will have a front-mounted motor to enable AWD.

After its digital world premiere in Prague at the end of the month, the coupe-styled Enyaq will go on sale later this year in Europe.