Never will an Alpine A110 become a hybrid. The manufacturer part of the Renault Group is moving towards a 100-percent electric future, and yet an Alpine A110 hybrid does exist, even if it was not made by the manufacturer itself. 

This creation, of which we currently don't have photos to share with you, we owe to Technomap, "a tech company expert in electrical architecture." It is based in Martin-Eglise, near Dieppe, where the Alpine cars are manufactured. The idea of ​​Technomap was to demonstrate its know-how in electrification, and to do this, the team decided to build a running hybrid prototype based on the A110.


This is not the first time Technomap is working on an Alpine A110 as several years back, the Dieppe-based firm helped the sports car manufacturer with the A110 Vision concept. One of the company's highest-ranked managers, Christophe Vergneault, explains:

"At the time, we did all the electrical architecture, the mechanical integration and the tuning on the circuit. We were very proud… but we couldn't talk about it"

For this new project, in addition to adding an electric motor at the front and a battery between the two seats of the French performance coupe, the specialists also optimised the 1.8 TCe engine. They converted it to run on ethanol and increased its power from 252 bhp to 400 bhp. With this output, this could very well be the most powerful A110 in the world. 

This one-off prototype cost the company a little more than €500,000 (about £418,000 at the current exchange rates) which Technomap financed in association with ID Concept. Unfortunately, the hybrid Alpine A110 is not intended for sale, but will nevertheless pass several tests and eventually be presented to car manufacturers. Very soon, the electrified sports car will hit different tracks, including the Dreux circuit, Bugatti's test circuit, and Le Mans. 

Note: Factory Alpine A110S pictured.