So far, we’ve featured videos from Frank Stephenson many times but this one looks to be more special. The former BMW, Mini, and McLaren designer has been critical about most of BMW’s recent designs, but this time around, he wants to understand “exactly what the hell is going on over at BMW and why their most recent designs have been so brutal and so jarring.” Now we are talking. 

Of course, beauty is in the eye of the beholder, though we have to admit the most recent concept from the Bavarian company caught us all by surprise. The Concept XM is unlike any previous product from BMW and judging by the recent spy photos (look at the related links below), this design language will be carried over to the production model.

According to Stephenson, the front end of the performance SUV is “just as debatable, just as controversial, and just as terrible as any other view of this car.” Simply put, he explains the front fascia doesn’t make any sense mainly because of the correlation between the giant grilles and the tiny headlights. This misproportion is further emphasised by the illuminated contours of the grille, too.

The rear end is nearly as “painful,” as Stephenson says. His main criticism here starts with the two BMW logos on the rear window which are a throwback to the original BMW M1. In his eyes, though, they just don’t belong there, and “it’s just like signing your name twice - why would you do that?” The exhaust pipes? Stephenson takes a deep breath...

Interestingly, the designer finds two positive things about the XM, though. The first one is the bonnet of the massive SUV and the second one is the way the black accents integrate into the side profile of the car and hide the door handles. Two out of a hundred design elements… not bad, right?

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