The BMW Theatre Screen debuts at the 2022 Consumer Electronics Show as the German brand's presentation for the next major step for in-car entertainment. The massive display measures 31.0 inches (78.74 centimetres) diagonally and can display content in resolutions as high as 8K.

When rear passengers activate the Theatre Screen, it deploys from the roof, the sun blinds move into place, and the ambient lighting darkens the cabin. Also, a custom sound experience from  Academy Award-winning composer Hans Zimmer plays. Viewers can select a 16:9, 21:9, or even a 32:9 aspect ratio.

Gallery: BMW Theatre Screen At CES 2022

BMW partners with Amazon to bring Fire TV functionality to the Theatre Screen. The vehicle has a 5G connection for streaming the content. Also, there's an HDMI connection, so someone could conceivably hook up a Playstation 5 or Xbox Series X to enjoy some games while on the road.

Your content should sound amazing, too, because there's Bowers & Wilkins 4D surround sound with 30 speakers and 1,500 watts of power. There are even speakers in the seatbacks that let you feel the audio in your body. To avoid distracting the driver, a mode can direct as much sound as possible into the rear passenger compartment. Occupants can also use headphones if bothering the person behind the wheel is a major concern.

To get the perfect view of the screen, there's a control for tilting the screen to the ideal angle. Control panels on the door handles also allow for adjusting the volume.

Our colleagues at Motor1 Germany got to experience the Theatre Screen before CES and reported that it was in a heavily camouflaged vehicle that appeared to be the upcoming, next-gen BMW 7 Series. Folks from BMW told them that the massive display would be available in other "luxury-class models." This hints at possible availability in the XM crossover, too.

The people from Motor1 who saw the Theatre Screen said the image was "razor-sharp." The sound from the Bowers & Wilkins sound system was just as impressive. The version of the display that they saw was very close to series production, according to the BMW reps showing it off.