BMW’s new electric vehicle range gets more exciting by the minute. The BMW fully electric i models are a unique blend of classic BMW performance with cutting-edge technology and electric powertrains.  As BMW seeks to grow its electric vehicle range, it is slowly adding more models to its lineup to capture more market segments.

The upcoming BMW i5 will offer EV customers a BMW 5-Series shaped vehicle. There are even rumours that BMW will offer an estate version of the new i5 which is why this perspective rendering is so exciting.

The BMW i5 is set to debut in 2022 for the 2023 model year, which means we're only a few months away from this exciting reveal. Rumours suggest that the i5 Touring would debut a year later for the 2024 model year.

Thanks to the rapid growth of electric vehicle demand, BMW is going all-in on the EV revolution. Instead of building an electric version of their current cars, BMW is building a completely separate model lineup that lives alongside the BMWs we know and love. This unique strategy allows BMW to negate the risk of transforming its product portfolio while giving EV models bespoke architecture so that they are competitive products.

BMW currently offers the electric i4 saloon and iX SUV which are equivalent to the current BMW 4-series and X3. The upcoming BMW i5 will be a much larger EV to give 5-series customers an electric alternative. We expect the BMW i5 to follow the same trim formula as the BMW i4 and iX. This means a base model i5 eDrive40 and a sportier i5 M50 trim which caters to the different types of BMW customers.