2022 is going to be a year to remember for estate enthusiasts thanks to the all-new BMW M3 Touring. For the first time ever, BMW will offer an estate version of its beloved BMW M3 sports saloon.

This exciting estate will carry over all of the performance of a BMW M3 into a practical estate body style giving customers the perfect one-car solution. To get everyone excited for what’s coming in 2022, BMW posted a teaser video of the new BMW M3 Touring in an unlikely location.


The latest G80 BMW M3 has shaken up the world of M3s and challenged tradition like never before. BMW introduced a new controversial departure from its usual styling, added an option for all-wheel drive, and ditched dual-clutch automatic transmissions. These changes were carefully thought out by BMW to improve their BMW M3 offering while also angering many people on the internet.

Thankfully BMW has something that every single person on earth is going to love, an estate version of the BMW M3. Now you can have the practicality of an SUV with the same driving experience of a BMW M3 which is the ultimate win-win. BMW’s inclusion of all-wheel-drive also means that even in the toughest snowy weather conditions you should easily make it to your favourite ski resort.

To show just how fun and capable the BMW M3 Touring really is, BMW’s Instagram teaser video features a camouflaged M3 estate tearing up a snowy autocross. With the correct tyres and a little driver skill, it's clear the BMW M3 Touring is the practical estate many auto enthusiasts have been dreaming of for decades. It’s almost good enough to forgive the new polarising grille design.