Before Genesis existed as a luxury car brand, there was the Hyundai Genesis. Available as either a sporty saloon or coupe, the car garnered enough attention to convince Hyundai it could create an entire Genesis division. The facelifted model arrived in 2013, and it's remained popular as a rear-wheel-drive coupe with an available manual transmission. Sadly, the ownership experience for this Genesis Coupe buyer is off to a rough start.

How else would you describe watching your pricey new-to-me sports coupe fall off a delivery lorry? The experience is chronicled in a short video from TikTok user Chris Dankers, who allegedly purchased the car through American online used car dealer Carvana for upwards of $30,000 (approx. £22,000). We don't know exactly why the car started rolling back once the flatbed was tipped; obviously it wasn't tied down at that point, nor was it in gear. And if the parking brake was set, it wasn't fully engaged.


In any case, as soon as the bed on the Carvana truck fully rotates, the car begins rolling backward. At least it wasn't that far off the ground, but it was far enough for the car to unceremoniously slam down on the rocker panels just ahead of the rear wheels. If the sickening thud wasn't enough, you can see crunched metal flying as it hits the bed.

But wait. There's more.

In follow-up TikTok videos, we see Dankers still has the car. One clip shows it at a shop getting inspected for damage, and yes, there is certainly visible damage. However, another clip (embedded below) takes us under the bonnet while a narrator talks about alleged issues ranging from coolant leaks to bad power steering fluid and replacement body panels that were supposed to be swapped prior to shipping. Through video comments, we learn the car reportedly had just 10,000 miles on it when he purchased it through Carvana. From the sounds of it, the poor car hasn't had it very easy despite the low mileage.


That explains the $30,000 selling price, as these cars are worth close to that with such low mileage according to Kelley Blue Book. It may also explain why the owner still has the car despite finding all these alleged issues, not to mention seeing it fall off the transport. We can't imagine there are many left with such mileage, and Carvana generally offers buyers several days with a newly purchased vehicle before making the sale final. In the comments, Dankers says Carvana will cover the damage from the truck, pending an inspection and cost.

The original video is now a week old and there hasn't been an update for a few days, so it's possible the car went back to Carvana.