Never change Garage 54, never change. The skilled and highly creative Russian technicians are back, shortly after creating an inline-six engine from a pair of four-pots. They seem to have endless access to defenseless Ladas, and their experiments usually don't end well for the poor ol' saloons. This new video is no exception.

Power windows have been around since 1940 when the Packard 180 hit the market, but they've now been taken to the next level in terms of speed. Engineering a feature that no one has asked for, Garage 54 fitted this Lada with what they claim are the fastest power windows ever. The chunky pneumatic cylinder raises the rear glass on the driver's side likely at a higher speed the car is capable of running. The makeshift linkage does what it's supposed to do and the air cylinder is now housed within the door panel.

Not entirely satisfied with the initial results, the airflow was improved by enlarging the boreholes and installing larger hoses with an internal diameter of eight millimetres to feed more air. The pneumatic cylinder can go up to six atmospheres, so it should easily speed up the process of raising and lowering the window.

Following the hardware upgrades, it's basically a weapon now or a veritable self-defense mechanism at the very least. It had no issues in slicing a sausage before cutting vegetables like cucumbers and potatoes. The real challenge was trying to dissect the lettuce, which took four tries to split it open. Rather surprisingly, the Lada's window managed to withstand the abuse, but not for long.

Raising the window at full blast, the pneumatic cylinder was powerful enough to shatter the glass into hundreds of pieces. It's still there though, so kudos to Lada for engineering such a sturdy window.