The Mercedes-Benz Vision EQXX concept will debut on January 3, 2022. To build interest in the hyper-efficient electric vehicle, the German brand has a series of teaser videos that showcase the stories behind the car's development.

The first video (embedded above) is about the genesis of the EQXX project. Mercedes aims to build an EV that can go 1,000 kilometres (621.4 miles) on a charge. To make this an even bigger challenge, the company is not simply cramming a massive battery into the vehicle. The automaker sees this as a preview of a future production model.

Gallery: Mercedes-Benz Vision EQXX Teased

The clip offers some hints about what to expect from the EQXX. For example, there's a mention of taking advantage of the sun's power, so it seems like a solar cell might help the vehicle achieve the range target.

Mercedes uses a Software in the Loop system to create the EQXX. This tech lets the company digitally simulate everything about the vehicle and drive it virtually.

The second episode of the teaser campaign (above) focuses on perfecting the EQXX's shape and aerodynamics. There's a push and pull between the designers who want to create a beautiful machine and the engineers' work to make it as slippery through the air as possible.

To achieve both of these things, the EQXX has movable body parts and retractable diffusers. This includes a piece at the rear that extends downwards and rearwards. Without it, the car would need to be narrower and longer to achieve the same aerodynamic result.

The end of the video hints at the battery pack being a major topic of the next episode in the series. An engineer talks about problems with the pre-charge resistors and battery.

Mercedes began teasing the EQXX in July. After months of only getting tiny morsels of info about the concept, we look forward finally to seeing the car's full debut.