We know the Fiat Ducato is a good base for smart camper builds, but we didn’t know it was that good. The motorhome specialists from Yucon, a company located near Nuremberg in Germany, have all the right solutions to transform the otherwise boring van into a fully-equipped camper. A new video from the miniCampers channel on YouTube details one of the firm’s latest and best-featured models, the 54 B.

The five-minute clip takes us to a motorhome show somewhere in Europe where the Fiat camper is displayed with the doors open for the visitors to explore the interior. It surely looks a little tight at a glance but it has virtually everything you’ll ever need for your holiday trip into the wild. On the other hand, with a total length of 5.41 metres (213 inches), it is a very manoeuvrable machine that can take you anywhere.

Gallery: Yucon 54 B camper

What impresses us probably the most, though, is the small but fully usable kitchen that seemingly has enough space for preparations plus two hobs and an oven. There’s also an 85-litre refrigerator plus a dining space for four grown-ups. A big bed at the back sleeps two with a fantastic view through the double rear door.

Powering the Yucon 54 B is a diesel engine with up to 180 bhp (132 kilowatts) and an optional 90-litre fuel tank. There’s a 110-litre fresh water tank, two AGM batteries, an easy-to-empty 80-litre waste water tank, a heating system, and a spacious storage compartment with over 800 kilograms (1,764 pounds) payload. When equipped with the less powerful 118-bhp (88-kW) diesel engine, the 54 B costs €48,900, which translates to roughly £41,100 at the current exchange rates.