Not everyone is able to give someone a car, but everyone can offer a gift that comes from the heart. On the surface, this video capturing a very surprised husband and father getting a Ford Mustang is rather humorous. But there are deep emotions behind the jumping and the exclamations, making this funny video very touching as well.

It's not just us feeling the love, either. This video was posted to TikTok on December 25 by user amyg410, listed on the page as Amy Green. It's her first TikTok video and in just three days it's received over 8 million views. The video was also picked up by the Twitter account Pubity, which is where Ford CEO Jim Farley saw it and retweeted it. Talk about going viral!


The video begins with the man reaching into a Christmas stocking, finding a key. That's when the excitement level goes up a notch (including some minor profanity so be advised), culminating in a frantic sprint outside and a literal jump for joy upon seeing a 2009 Ford Mustang GT 45th Anniversary model sitting in the driveway. Folks, we aren't sure if there's ever been a better moment capturing an adult fully embracing the innocent child within. That alone makes us smile.


Here's where it gets better. Amy Green posted a second video (above) to TikTok that explained how she went about hiding the car, including significant help from her daughter and neighbours. More importantly, she also explained why this gift was so special, detailing how her husband had often sacrificed his own wishes during the holidays, sometimes working two or three jobs to make sure their daughter had an amazing Christmas.

And now, they all have an amazing Christmas memory that will last a lifetime. That's certainly more than enough reason to jump for joy. Though the Mustang is pretty cool, too.