Videos featuring supercars being tested on a dyno are almost every time about the juicy power numbers, but that's not the case here with the Lamborghini Aventador Superveloce. If you'’re wondering why the mid-engined V12 machine is unashamed to show its exposed derrière, there's a perfectly good explanation. Gone is the stock exhaust system as it had to make way for a bespoke setup.

Specialised in engine calibrations, Italian company Biesse Racing Bergamo had the privilege of hosting the SV after Sant'Agata Bolognese's flagship was fitted with a Capristo exhaust. The aftermarket modification also involved getting rid of the catalytic converter to make the naturally aspirated 6.5-litre engine sing its glorious tune without the exhaust emission control device getting in the way.

You'll want to use your best pair of headphones or speakers to enjoy the twelve-cylinder music at its full potential as it spits flames through the menacing quad exhaust. The raw sound delivered by the massive engine is music to our ears and also makes us a bit sad since Lamborghini is one of the last automakers to use a V12. It has vowed to keep it alive for the Aventador's replacement, but only as part of a hybrid setup since it has to comply with tougher emissions regulations.

The SV isn't even the range-topping Aventador, with subsequent versions including the SVJ (Jota), electrified Sian and Countach duo, plus the Ultimae serving as the model's proverbial swan song. The only versions that sound just as brutal as this car are the SC20 from a year ago and and its presiding track-only SCV12 coupe sibling unveiled in mid-2020.

One can only hope the V12 will live on in the electric era on supercars restricted to the circuit. Not that we'd be able to afford it, but we would at least have the opportunity to write about them.