Lancia is one of the niche brands hiding in Stellantis’ massive portfolio. It’ll have a decade of funding to prove itself, with a plan that will see the Delta return. However, it won’t arrive for another four years, and it will come with an all-electric powertrain. Details are scarce, but our friends at prepared a series of unofficial renderings designed to preview what the new model could look like when it arrives.

Earlier this year, Lancia CEO Luca Napolitano said that the car will be “exciting” and a “manifesto of progress and technology.” That’s not a lot to go off, though the renderings depict a stylish five-door hatch that modernises the model’s classic design for a new era. But the real thing could look wildly different. The grille is narrow and familiar, flanked by round headlights, though the rendering depicts fancy LED units illuminating the way.

Gallery: Lancia Delta Integrale Unofficial Renderings

The car wears a simple lower grille opening, a wide bonnet scoop, and subtle wheel arch flares. There are also tall, thin wing vents just behind the front wheels. The Delta rendering’s rear keeps things simple, with a stylish lower bumper, dual exhaust outlets, and a black hatch insert between the blocky taillights. The multi-spoke white-ish wheels complete the car’s retro-like appearance.

The wide grilles and dual exhaust outlets won’t make it to the production version, which Lancia has already said will return as an electric vehicle. It won’t arrive until 2026, so it will be a bit before we begin to see the new Delta model and what Lancia could design could look unlike any Lancia ever. Current speculation points to Lancia using the STLA Medium platform, an evolution of the eVMP platform from PSA that should underpin several Stellantis models, including some from Alfa Romeo and DS, which both have a decade to find success, too.