A supercar replica rarely looks as good or as cool as the original. Though people try, it’s difficult to transform a donor car into the exact proportions penned in Maranello or Sant'Agata Bolognese. The latest is a Lamborghini Aventador convertible that started life as a Honda Civic. However, it is difficult to find the Civic in the final product, at least from the outside.

This replica looks good from some angles and terrible from others, though it’s difficult grafting the Aventador’s long and wide stance onto something as compact as a Civic. The roof is a bit too tall, and the rear looks a tad odd, but the front is a fairly close imagining of a Lamborghini front end.

The Lamborghini replica is more than just an art piece. It features projector headlights with daytime running lights, 19-inch alloy wheels, hydraulic scissor doors, and the required Lamborghini badging all around. The dual exhaust, which exits through four tailpipes at the back, sounds pretty good for a modified Honda Civic.

Inside, a lot of the original Civic remains, including the dashboard, centre console, and armrests. There’s diamond stitching on the doors and roof, ambient lighting, and the Honda Civic seats were modified to look more like those in a Lamborghini. The replica is a convertible with a powered hardtop, which folds into the rear. The car retains its rear seat, though it’s only large enough to accommodate a trio of children. It’ll be better used as a luggage shelf.

There will always be people tinkering at home trying to recreate what they love, and not every creation has an expert builder behind it, but there should be an appreciation for the effort of building something. The Aventador replica in the video above wouldn’t fool most, though it does run and drive, with a working interior, a convertible roof, and all the necessary lights one needs for the open road. It even has underglow.