Tesla said back in 2017 when it unveiled the Roadster that it would go on sale in 2020. We’re now in 2021, the automotive industry is suffering setbacks, and the Roadster is a model that Tesla has been delaying into uncertainty after it was clear the initial sales start deadline was going to be missed.

However, that has not stopped people from believing in Tesla and the promises that were made about the Roadster’s features and performance and put down $50,000 to secure one or as much as $250,000 for the limited edition Founders Series model. But now the manufacturer has removed Roadster pricing from the official page where you could order one and Electrek points out it is also no longer accepting reservations for the model.

The source says this could be indication that the planned production run for the Roadster may have simply sold out, and that might be right, although it could just mean further delays and upcoming changes to the specs and prices that were initially announced. Tesla recently did something similar with the Cybertruck and also removed all pricing and trim information, as well as specs from the official page.

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Apparently, for the Roadster they were removed sometime between November 13 and December 12; the Wayback Machine was used and it cannot provide better accuracy, although the exact day when this happened isn’t important. What is important is how this changes the Roadster’s launch timeline - we don’t really expect to see it next year, so we would say 2023 is when it could debut.

The Roadster is officially the most postponed Tesla ever, closely followed by the Cybertruck, although the automaker has definitely made a lot more progress with the latter which was recently spotted in prototype form with many changes over the original study from the unveiling. The same cannot be said of the Roadster, which aside from the vehicles shown at the time of its unveiling, has been pretty much hidden since.