British motorists are being urged to take care amid falling temperatures and inclement weather over the Christmas period. A road safety and breakdown organisation has called on drivers to ensure they drive as safely as possible as up to 30 cm of snow is forecast for some areas over Christmas.

According to GEM Motoring Assist, the weather is expected to turn on the evening of Christmas Day and Boxing Day, with as much as a foot of snow forecast in certain parts of the country. From December 27, the organisation expects heavy snow to fall across most of western England, the north-west of England, Wales and southern Scotland.

GEM Motoring Assist says the poor weather could make journeys more difficult and treacherous, and the company is asking drivers to take precautions on the road. The firm says some simple steps can “reduce the chance of risk, delay and difficulty”, as well as avoiding putting additional strain on the emergency services.

Car driving in snow covered UK residential neighbourhood

In particular, GEM is advising drivers to ensure their cars are equipped for the conditions, with a battery in good condition and even a winter check-up from a garage. The company also says “essential items” should be carried, including a shovel, fully charged phone, torch and ice scraper, as well as food and water in case you get stuck.

On the road, the company suggests keeping speeds down and leaving plenty of space to other vehicles, as well as leaving room for snowploughs and gritting trucks. And motorists are being warned to watch out for a sudden deterioration in conditions, as well as taking breaks to make up for the increased stress of driving in poor weather.

Driving in snow storm on British road

Perhaps most importantly, GEM is also asking drivers to check weather updates and plan their travel accordingly. The company is telling motorists the easiest way to avoid issues caused by the weather is to postpone journeys where possible.

“This could prove to be a particularly challenging Christmas and New Year, with severe weather threatening to make travel extremely difficult,” said a GEM Motoring Assist spokesperson.

“We urge families who are planning journeys to have a plan B in place and be ready to postpone a journey if conditions require. In that way, you’re avoiding a lot of potential trouble for yourself, and ensuring you won’t be putting additional strain on emergency and recovery crews, who are sure to be at full stretch in the coming days. Ensuring that you and your car are properly prepared for winter can make a big difference towards keeping you safe on the roads.”