The Land Rover Defender is well known for being a highly versatile vehicle that can be a pickup, convertible, or military troop transport, depending on what a user wants to do. The automaker doesn't have as many variants of the latest Defender yet, but the Netherlands-based Heritage Customs now shows off its plan to build a droptop version.

For now, Heritage Customs' open-roof Defender only exists in renderings. The company plans to build five of them starting in 2022. It calls the creation the Valiance Convertible.

Gallery: Heritage Customs Land Rover Defender Convertible Renderings

Heritage's convertible Defender is available in three colour schemes. Prices in Europe start at €138,500 (approx. £118,000) before any applicable taxes.

The Côte d’Azur colour combo takes inspiration from the beaches in the south of France. It features a bright blue exterior with black pieces for the bumpers and lower edge of the body. The soft top is Cognac Brown. In an especially weird touch, the vehicle rides on 22-inch wheels with whitewall tires. The interior has copper accents.

Below, the slider tool lets you see how the convertible Defender looks with its roof on and off.

Heritage Customs Land Rover Defender Convertible Renderings Blue Side Roof Down
Heritage Customs Land Rover Defender Convertible Renderings Blue Side

The Solihull Sand colour evokes the English countryside. The body is light green with grey bumpers, and the soft top is Sand beige. The 20-inch wheels have a white finish. The exterior has gunmetal trim, and the cabin gets copper accents.

The Kokkini Paralia scheme comes from the Red Beach on the southwest coast of Santorini. It has a dark matte red body with black bumpers and a matching roof. The SUV rides on 22-inch wheels. There is gunmetal exterior trim, and tin touches in the cabin.

Heritage Customs doesn't offer any powertrain details about its Valiance Convertible. The modifications don't appear to affect the front end, so any of the Defender's engine options should work. That means a person might conceivably be able to get the 5.0-litre supercharged V8 that makes 518 bhp (386 kilowatts) and 461 pound-feet (625 Newton-metres) of torque.