Michael Hyssong, the man behind the YouTube channel Street Speed 717, gained millions of views (and some legal charges) earlier this year by jumping his Ram TRX over a stream before doing it again with a Lamborghini Urus going airborne over an Aventador. Ok, but how is that related to Rick "Corvette" Conti? The salesperson at Coughlin Chevrolet in Ohio USA was invited by Michael to perform a similar stunt on his farm.

Dressed for the occasion in an Evel Knievel suit, the Chevy dealer jumped his very own Corvette C8 over another one to celebrate a successful year he's had. The salesman owns a convertible finished in Rapid Blue and he was courageous enough to "fly" it over an Arctic White example of the mid-engined sports car without a landing ramp.

Corvette C8 jumps over C8

The spectacular jump was organised near midnight while it was raining, so far from being the ideal conditions to pull off such a stunt. It was all done on private property back in October, but it's only now Rick has decided to release the footage. It's a real shame we can't see the car at the exact moment when it lands on the ground, and we would argue it's one of the most important parts of the show.

That said, in the discussion post jump, Rick does show two bent wheels and talks about damages to his vehicle's front end, albeit without actually showing them. The Corvette dealer apparently didn't escape unscathed from his stunt, ending up with a swollen neck, a scrapped forearm, a hamstring strain, and a bruised thigh.

For the jump, the C8 was put in Touring mode to soften up the suspension and reduce the force of the impact upon landing, but he knew before making the jump that his Corvette would be damaged to some extent. After the stunt, the car was towed back to the dealer to receive the necessary repairs.

It should be noted that some people commenting on YouTube are questioning the authenticity of the jump, asking why it had to be done in the dark, especially while it was raining. Others are saying the absence of sparks is also suspicious, along with the fact that none of the airbags deployed the moment it touched the ground. In addition, we don't see the landing.