The most bizarre piece of footage included in the latest compilation by the Wham Baam Teslacam YouTube channel comes from France and we really don’t know what to make of what happened. The driver of a Tesla Model 3 was cruising window down, arm out on a stretch of country road, when from behind a much angrier driver in a RenaultSport Megane hot hatch made his appearance.

He drove right up to the back of the Tesla, then overtook it and after pulling in front of it, he slammed his brakes and stepped out of the vehicle. The Tesla driver tried to go around the stopped vehicle, but its driver tried to break the side window with his fist.

He failed and the Tesla sped away to safety with no damage. The scenarios that seem most obvious are either the Renault driver just really hates Teslas or the Tesla driver may have done something to annoy him (possibly unknowingly) at some point before.

And since this is a compilation, this isn’t the only incident captured on Teslacam that you’ll see in the video. It also includes a motorway hit and run, other people breaking traffic laws, a last second save from a fire in Sweden and many other instances when Teslas caught other incidents (or actual crashes) that occurred on the road.