We've all heard of barn find cars that sat in a garage for decades. What we don't hear about often is one parked out in a public space for years, let alone decades exposed to all the elements. But there is one particular car that has done so in a town in Italy.

In the small town of Conegliano, Veneto, a 1970 Lancia Fulvia Berlina is causing quite a stir. Nhile the Berlina hasn't reached the iconic status of the rally car, this saloon has become a bit of a tourist attraction. That's because the little saloon has sat in the same spot for nearly half a century. If you want an exact number, it's been in that public parking space for 47 years. Try doing that elsewhere and your car is bound to be towed and locked away in the impound lot.

Gallery: This 1970 Lancia Fulvia Sat Parked In The Same Spot For 47 Years

So, what's the story behind it? The Fulvia Berlina is owned by a 94-year old resident, Angelo Fregolent. Fregolent ran a newspaper stand in front of the car and his home until 2019. The Lancia saloon was basically where he put his newspaper stocks in before he put it on the stand. Think of it as a wheeled locker, but one that has been stationary for decades.

If we do the maths, the car has been parked there since 1974. That means the car drove around for at least 4 years before its semi-permanent residence in front of Fregolent's house. So why hasn't the car moved for that long? There was no explanation given by the original Italian news report, so the reason could range from a mechanical failure to the owner simply leaving it there because, well, why not.

Of course, time and exposure to the elements did a number on the Fulvia's body. The paint has been beat down by 47 years of exposure, and we're pretty sure there's rust from the inside. Amazingly, the tyres aren't completely flat.

Sadly, the 47-year streak was snapped due to sidewalk renovations. Fregolent said that he agreed to get the car moved for as long as it wouldn't be scrapped. Besides, the car is a bit of a celebrity in the small town already. Italian newspaper Il Gazzinetto straight up called it a local monument.

There are two things worth pointing out here. Given that Italian cars of that era were notorious for rust, it's amazing that this one hasn't disintegrated into a pile of orange powder. Secondly, it wasn't mentioned if the car ever received a parking ticket in all the decades it has been sitting there. Either way, 47 years parked in the same spot could be a world record of sorts, and that should cement this Fulvia's legacy.