We’ve been reporting on cool police cars from Australia for many years. BMW M5 Competition, Porsche 911 Carrera, Audi RS4 Avant, Lexus RC F, Honda Civic Type R – you name it, they probably had it at one point or another. A couple of years ago, we also talked about an unmarked BMW M3 from the previous generation pulling over speedsters. Now, the latest iteration of the Bavarian sports saloon has joined the fleet Down Under.

This time around, it's thankfully decked out with all the necessary police car kit. Therefore, you should be able to spot it from a mile away, not that those huge kidneys are hard to miss anyway. The men and women in blue from Victoria Police will be able to enjoy the M3 Competition for a limited amount of time as the potent saloon is only a loaner.

Gallery: 2021 BMW M3 Competition for Victoria Police Highway Patrol fleet

It's not every day that we get to see a police car with a carbon fibre roof and trunk lid spoiler, not to mention quad exhaust tips and huge air intakes. The Victoria Police Highway Patrol has recently taken delivery of the speed machine and will use it for "vehicle evaluation and assessment processes." Being a loaner from BMW Australia means the M3 has not been purchased outright by using precious funds coming from taxpayers, so all is well.

It was a similar story with an AU-spec M5 Competition police car back in 2019 as that one too was a loaner and Victoria Police returned it after a year of service. Finished in Alpine White and riding on black alloy wheels, the latest entry is tasked to complete "special duties" within the state. The M3 Competition follows not just its bigger brother, but also no fewer than 80 530d highway patrol cars introduced in 2018.