Water is fascinating. Too little or too much of it can kill you, and a large amount of it moving in one direction is powerful enough to sweep away people, cars, and entire homes, lifting buildings from their foundations. One Audi A3, possibly an S3, owner learned this lesson the hard way when attempting to ford an overflowing and raging river in Romania. His hatch didn't have a chance against the fast-moving water, and it was all caught on video.

The video opens by showing a raging river and someone walking across a footbridge before showing the A3 that's ready to cross, though the river looks far from friendly. According to the Daily Mail, the driver then asks the woman holding the camera to get in the car, though she declines, wanting to watch it make it across first. But it doesn't.

Things go south pretty quickly. The front end lifts off the ground before the Audi is even fully in the river. You can see the car moving forward, but the front tyres are stationary. The Audi continues into the river, but the front end is quickly swept away, pulling the rest of the hatch with it down the river where it collides with the footbridge, knocking from one side of the bank. It's not enough to stop the Audi, which pushes the bridge entirely out of the way. The video ends just before the hatch is swept further down the river.

Thankfully, the man escaped his self-made ordeal uninjured. Firefighters came to his rescue while he sat in his hatch to be rescued. The video is a good reminder that water can present real dangers to cars and drivers, no matter how inconspicuous it looks. Water is a powerful force of nature that doesn't care about what gets in its way, even if it's an Audi hatch.