If the MX-5 is always the answer, Mazda is smart enough not to mess around too much with a winning recipe. Case in point, the 2022MY has been officially launched at home in Japan and hasn't changed much, and the little tweaks that have been made are all for the better. The most important novelty is the adoption of what is known as the Kinematic Posture Control for the suspension.

KPC brakes the inside wheel to create anti-lift force while cornering at higher speeds to reduce body roll and make the roadster feel more planted. With the engineers being obsessed (in a good way) with keeping the MX-5's weight as low as possible, you'll be happy to hear the upgraded suspension does not add a single gram.

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KPC is smart enough to figure out the turning conditions in real-time based on the speed difference between the left and right wheels at the back. Its impact progressively increases or decreases based on that difference to "produce natural posture stabilising effect." In other words, the MX-5 feels exactly the same as before during normal driving, but should you push it harder, it's going to be more stable than its predecessor.

The 990S special edition previewed at a local event in late October is now official in The Land of the Rising Sun. It starts off in the lightest trim level and gets 16-inch RAYS forged wheels to shave off around 800 grams (1.76 pounds) at each corner, meaning a diet of 3.2 kilograms (seven pounds). Mazda fits the car with Brembo ventilated discs with four-piston callipers finished in black with blue lettering at the front axle along with black callipers for the rear.

As the name suggests, it tips the scales at 990 kilograms (2,182 pounds), thus making it only 30 kg (66 lbs) heavier than the 1989 MX-5 NA. It's based on the S version with the six-speed manual transmission, but with further tweaks made to the dampers, coil springs, electric power steering, and the engine.

Inside, it gets exclusive floor mats and blue/piano black accents for the air vents. Mazda Japan is asking ¥2,893,000 yen (about £19,200 at current exchange rates) for the purest version.

Elsewhere, the JDM-spec MX-5 gets an elegant Terracotta Selection version for the RF model, priced at ¥3,798,300 £25,200), while the Platinum Quartz Metallic paint is added to both body styles. In addition, the roadster now comes with a navy fabric top combining a black leather interior with a dark blue roof for ¥3,191,100 (£21,200). In Japan, Mazda will sell the rear-wheel-drive sports car with the 1.5-litre engine for the standard model while the RF gets the 2.0-litre unit.

The mildly updated roadster goes on sale locally from mid-January, with the navy fabric top specification to be sold until 31 May 2022.