Even if you are not a huge fan of Ferrari’s recent models, you have to admit there’s something special about the way the Daytona SP3 looks. It blends retro cues with the latest aero trends and is actually the most aerodynamically efficient model Ferrari has ever made. And that’s possible thanks only to its fabulous, old-school lines as the supercar actually has no active aero. In our eyes, it’s the best-looking vehicle from the Icona collection.

If you’ve seen the official press photos of the car already, you have a pretty good idea of the way the Daytona SP3 looks from all angles. We even shared a video showing a white example (see the related links below), and today we are happy to talk about a car that was filmed on public roads. It was spotted by Varryx who posted the footage on YouTube.

Gallery: Ferrari Daytona SP3

We are a little surprised to see the supercar with a full-body camouflage but even with the disguise, it looks rather special and absolutely out of this world. We don’t know what Ferrari is still doing with the car, but we assume it is performing final adjustments to the powertrain and chassis. We doubt this is a production example being tested before delivery, though this could also be the case.

Ferrari remains tight-lipped about the number of Daytona SP3 cars it will produce but we believe most, if not all, already have owners. There’s no officially released price either, though some sources claim the Maranello-based automaker wants at least €2 million (approx. £1.7 million) for the third Icona member. 

Powering the model is a 6.5-litre V12 engine, which in this configuration is the most powerful engine Ferrari has ever produced for a road-legal car. With 829 bhp (617 kilowatts) and 514 pound-feet (697 Newton-metres) of torque, it needs just 2.86 seconds to propel the car to 62 miles per hour (100 kilometres per hour) in 2.86 seconds. The 0-124 mph (0-200 kph) sprint takes 7.4 seconds.